we only buy products from substanable managed forests
A signed credit application authorizes LinkMax Paper Ltd. to perform any and all credit and/or reference checks required to set up an account.

LinkMax Paperís standard payment terms are Net 30 Days from date of delivery. LinkMax Paper reserves the right to request different payment terms on a customer-by-customer and case-by-case basis.

Standard Terms and conditions
With the exception of concealed damage, LinkMax Paper expects customers to report claims for damage or overages/shortages upon receipt of the stock. The damage or quantity differences should be noted on the delivery receipt. Stock should be available for inspection should LinkMax Paper wish to examine the damage.

If paper is suspected to be the problem, please notify your sales representive immediately. If you are filing a claim for paper, press time or other additional charges, please present the claim with the required physical evidences such as printed paper, unprinted paper, labels, pictures .. etc.
LinkMax Paper will not accept paper for return without prior authorization. Please contact your sales representitive or our customer service department if you want to return any products.


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